Business Telephone Calls & Lines

Analogue Lines

Analogue lines are very traditional where business phone lines are concerned, however this is the most basic form of phone line.

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ISDN 2 Lines

ISDN 2 is the most popular choice when it comes to business phone lines, there is a minimum of 2 channels per ISDN 2 line, this solution is digital.

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ISDN 30 Lines

ISDN 30 has a minimum installation of 8 channels, ISDN 30 lines are considered high performing voice & data solutions for modern business.

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Business Calls & Lines Packages

✓ Analogue Lines 

B4BC can deliver analogue lines which can be used for small telephone systems, and more commonly broadband.  An analogue line is a single copper cable that installed in your building by BT Openreach, and terminated on a BT phone socket. B4BC can also deliver Analogue multiline, so you can have more than one call on one telephone number, perfect for an office with multiple extensions.

✓ B4BC SIP Trunks

BT have recently announced they will be switching off the ISDN network, this means UK businesses will need to switch to VoIP services before then. B4BC SIP trunks are the future of communications.

✓ What are SIP trunks?

SIP trunks or SIP Lines connect phone calls using VoIP technology (Voice over internet protocol) via the internet. Phone numbers and DDI’s are linked these trunks, so people calling your phone number notice no difference to calling a traditional telephone line, often the call quality is vastly improved!


✓ ISDN Lines

B4BC ISDN uses digital technology to deliver telephone calls. We offer both ISDN2 (which comes in pairs) and is designed for smaller businesses, and ISDN30 (which has a minimum of 8 channels) and is aimed at larger businesses. Some of the main benefits of switching to ISDN are;

✓ Call Quality – Digital phone calls offer greater clarity and quality over traditional analogue lines.

✓ DDI’s (Direct Dial Inbound numbers) – If you have a busy office you can assign each individual theier own DDI number, so when someone calls in the call can be router directly to them through your PBX.

✓ Resilience – ISDN lines are more stable than normal analogue line, we can also run in depth diagnostics on ISDN channels.

✓ Multi Party Conferencing – ISDN lines are great for multi-party conference calling due to the clarity and speed of connection.

✓ Caller ID & Number Presentation – With B4BC ISDN you can present your phone number, and also track who is calling in. the number will be displayed using CLIP (Calling line identification presentation) or COLP (Connected line identification presentation)

Why B4BC?

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Why Switch To SIP Trunks?

✓ Keep your number wherever you go –Moving office often meant changing your number or setting up a costly forward where you pay for forwarded calls, this has been eliminated with SIP. You can bring your number with you wherever you go, as long as there is an internet connection you keep your business number.

✓ BT Switch off – BT are switching off the ISDN network by 2025, so all UK business need to start planning and start switching to VoIP services.

✓ Lower monthly line rental costs and call charges – SIP trunks are offered as low as £5 per month, this is more than half the cost of traditional lines. We also offer SIP call bundles, which are cheaper than traditional landline calls.

✓ Flexibility and Disaster Recovery – We can manage your SIP trunks on a portal, and also give you access. This enables you to route calls wherever you need to in a matter of seconds. If you can’t get into the office, re-route the calls to your mobile, never miss a call again.

✓ Scalability and quick deployment– Gone are the days of waiting 4 weeks for BT to install a telephone line, B4BC can switch on additional SIP trunks in a matter of seconds, new starters or busy periods can be managed easily and effectively.

Business Broadband Solutions

Leased Lines

Leased lines are the best solution for uncontested fibre solutions, businesses choose leased line solutions when they do not want to share their data.

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Super Fast Fibre

Business fibre solutions are the most popular solution for broadband solutions, this solution is great for support cloud phone systems.

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This is considered the most standard level of business broadband, in some cases, an ADSL2+ solution can support a cloud phone system.

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Our Technology Partners & Awards

Business Broadband Solutions From B4BC

✓ Providing All Solutions 

Best 4 Business Communications offer a variety of business broadband deals, tailored around your business. We work with multiple suppliers throughout the UK, to ensure our clients receive the best possible business broadband connection available to them. As we have business partnerships with multiple carriers, we are able to compare prices and offer the best possible prices through the UK.

✓ ADSL 2+ – This broadband connection is currently the most common business broadband used throughout the UK.  ADSL2+ uses a standard phone line to deliver speeds of up to 20Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. The distance between your premises and the local exchange can have a significant effect on the download & upload speed.

✓ Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) – Business fibre broadband (FTTC) is a connection delivered over fibre optic cable to the cabinet, and by copper into customer premises via an analogue line. These fibre optic cables to help increase broadband speed, and is often referred to as a ‘super-fast broadband’ or ‘next-generation broadband’ connection.  FTTC can deliver speeds of up to 80 meg download & 20 meg upload, depending on distance from the exchange / cabinet.

✓ Ethernet First Mile (EFM) –  EFM business broadband connections utilise copper pairs to deliver an unrestricted, ultrafast broadband connection. An EFM circuit is a private, uncontested connection for exclusive use by you and your business. As EFM connections are delivered over copper, there are usually no excess construction charges as you might get with a leased line, and can still deliver speeds of up to 20mb download & 20ms upload. The installation time is often much quicker than a leased line, and can often be 50% cheaper than a many leased line connections.

✓ Fibre Leased Line – A business broadband fibre leased line delivers the best possible internet connection for your business.  A leased line provides guaranteed upload & download speeds, and a business grade SLA. Leased lines are uncontested, so you can have your own connection from 10MB – 10GB. A leased line is the preferred choice for businesses where the internet is critical. Leased lines are a perfect fit for VoIP & Cloud telephony and IT solutions.

With all our business broadband packages, Best 4 Business Communications provides a static IP address free of charge so that you are able to connect to your business broadband network without hidden cost and charges.

What Our Clients Say

“Since choosing Best 4 Business we haven’t looked back. They are always on hand to answer any questions or queries we have”

Diane Illingworth, Crayford Greyhound, Ladbrokes

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all your help in getting our office telephone system back up and running after our continued problems with BT. The speed and level of service we have received from B4B has been outstanding, for us to be back up and running so quickly has saved our business a fortune in lost revenue".

Mark Comer, Maintenance 24/7

“I just wanted to thank you once again for all your hard work and help in setting up the new telephone system. I want you to know that your assistance has been appreciated. Please do not hesitate to pop in for a coffee or tea when you are in the area”!

Anna A Kouma, Migrant Legal Action

“It is so refreshing to have a telecoms company where you can put a face to a name, trust their advice, receive a consistent service and not get passed from one stranger to another. From day one, Freddie Hawker and his team have been incredible. Freddie and his team are always friendly, efficient and will go out of their way to help or solve a problem and most importantly provide a consistent telecoms and broadband service. When we risked going two weeks without internet in our office, B4BC went above and beyond their call of duty to give us internet during this period without any strings attached. I would highly recommend B4BC to any business”

Megan McCall, Psycle London